Small Beginnings Group

Small Beginnings Group

Small Beginnings Group all started with a cup of tea, but then I am English and everything involves tea.


This particular cup of tea was served around a small kitchen table with some good friends. At the time I was working in an amazing team and learning to facilitate great new courses. As we talked, I dreamt of running a retreat where these courses could be held and parents could be looked after, a safe place to be while you got your head around parenting or while you were working hard to change something about yourself.


A retreat, what a fab idea, with walled gardens and little cabins and parents coming to be supported as they developed into the parents they wanted to be.


The retreat part is still a dream, but through Small Beginnings Group I do offer great courses and services, which create that safe special space just on a smaller scale for now – like a classroom, living room or your home. What’s more since moving to Portland I have found amazing people to partner with to ensure you get even more fantastic services.


The principles behind Small Beginnings Group are that each child offers society the chance of a new beginning, that they hold the key to a better way of living.

Children are perfect teachers, and their parents are the experts who hold the key to unlocking their potential. I feel parenting is often an under appreciated role, and that by providing parents and those who have contact with children with support and giving them ways to develop self esteem, confidence, effective communication and nurturing touch in a child’s life can give the child a wonderful childhood and a world of potential.


I believe parenting can be simple provided parents are supported well, encouraged to trust their own abilities and have the time to listen to their baby or child - who will teach them more than anyone ever thinks is possible. I'm not convinced children of any age need lots of toys or fancy things but I am sure they need time, boundaries and lots of love. I am also aware that this all sounds much easier than the reality of day-to-day parenting can be.


I have spent much time supporting and learning from new mums, whether as a friend or professionally, and I find this really rewarding work - a listening ear and some balance seem to be much needed when a baby enters the world. seedling

What Our Clients Say

'Joanne's Infant Massage Class was an incredibly rewarding experience for me and my son, and even better, it led us to Joanne! She has given me valuable advice on breast feeding, my son's weight gain, and introducing solid foods. Joanne really understands the kind of support that moms need; she is non-judgmental and completely supportive. I'm really not sure who I would've talked to about all of these questions if I hadn't met Joanne, and I'm so grateful that I took her class!'

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