Parenting and Postpartum Support

Following the birth of my daughter I found myself struggling with the overwhelming responsibility of caring for a colicky newborn with no experience, no nearby family, and pain while breastfeeding.  To my immense relief, my midwife referred me to Joanne who responded immediately with genuine kindness, patience, and a very practical approach to helping me work through my stumbling blocks.



Postpartum Doula and Lactation

My baby was the first newborn I had ever held.  As an older mom, I thought I SO ready and could handle the intense responsibility of caring for a new baby; we had tried for this baby for 4 years after all.  When R arrived he was perfect…but also overwhelming!  For the first 2 months, I was shocked by the sheer exhaustion, sleep deprivation, body pains of lifting the baby after c-section, and most of all, breastfeeding.  Joanne was there for me weeks before the baby and started prepping me for successful breastfeeding, and visited me at the hospital to make sure we had a proper hold and latch.  I was so awkward!  But Joanne is more than a lactation consultant.  In her kind and pragmatic way, she supported me through thrush, soreness, frustration, confusion, insecurity.  And that was just about lactation!  Joanne also helped us adjust to the physical and emotional demands of parenthood, providing just the right idea or meal to make everything ok.  She is a wealth of the lastest research, information and techniques, and is balanced with genuine warmth, patience and understanding.  Joanne is a trusted confidant and true professional. Most of all, she is sincerely dedicated to my success as a mother. 

Lactation Consulting

After I was unable to breastfeed my twins, I desperately wanted a different experience with my third child.  However, things were not
going well when we arrived home from the hospital.  Our son was jaundiced and sleepy, so he was losing weight rapidly.  My milk supply was extremely low and I was starting to feel defeated.  That’s when I knew we needed help.

A friend recommended I contact Joanne for lactation services and she was able to help immediately.  She listened thoughtfully to my
concerns and fears and was supportive in a way that was gentle and kind.  We developed a plan right on the spot that felt manageable and realistic in my fragile state.  She gave me the strength to push forward with nursing when I felt the odds were against me.

I am now successfully breastfeeding my eight month old son.  I know I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of Joanne.  I’m so thankful to have had her as a part of my post-natal team and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking lactation services.