Parenting and Postpartum Support

Following the birth of my daughter I found myself struggling with the overwhelming responsibility of caring for a colicky newborn with no experience, no nearby family, and pain while breastfeeding.  To my immense relief, my midwife referred me to Joanne who responded immediately with genuine kindness, patience, and a very practical approach to helping me work through my stumbling blocks.


 At a time when I lacked confidence and felt battered by the myriad of parenting opinions out there, I especially appreciated that Joanne was open-minded and supportive, focused on helping me find my own path and solutions that worked for my family.  With her guidance, my daughter and I tackled everything from the big issues of feeding and sleeping, to strategies for getting a daily shower and handling in-law visits.   

Feeding, in particular, has been a long struggle for my daughter and me.  I was committed to developing a breastfeeding relationship with my daughter but suffered from pain and fear that she was receiving inadequate nutrition.  As a result I nearly quit several times, and each instance felt like a personal failure.  Joanne was absolutely supportive of me whether or not I continued breastfeeding, but she knew how important it was for me to try everything to make breastfeeding work.  Time and again she came up with options for us that allowed us to continue for another day or another week.  It took almost 8 weeks, but eventually my daughter and I were breastfeeding without pain or worry.  Joanne’s endless patience and commitment to what was important to me were invaluable in helping us persevere.

While my daughter and I continue to change and grow, I am no longer overwhelmed.  Joanne helped me develop confidence in myself, my daughter, and our ability to tackle each challenge as it appears.  I am very grateful for the support she provided and wholeheartedly recommend her assistance to other families struggling with issues big and small.