Parenting Support

Parenting Support

Whether you are new to parenting or a seasoned professional, there are always those little questions and sometimes even the not so little questions that you just want to run by someone and get some guidance with. Wouldn’t it be lovely to know you had a source of professional advice that was dedicated to helping you succeed and be the parent you want to be?

I offer individualised support visits to help you as and when you need. These are offered with a down to earth, non-judgemental and common sense approach.

For example these visits can

  • Provide you with time to discover what is important to you, as a person and a parent
  • Help you develop coping strategies and deal with the sometimes overwhelming responsibilities and emotions
  • Work through worries, concerns or practical issues,
  • Answer questions by relating research, experience and parenting information to your specific family and situation (no more “they say” from books that do not know you and your family)
  • Encouraging and support you as you develop new skills as a parent,
  • Look at ways to protect/build your self esteem & confidence and
  • Prevent or work through postpartum depression, anxiety and mood disorders.


Rates and Booking

These sessions can be one off or as often as you need, they can be held in your home, at our office or can be arranged for other locations as needed. These sessions cannot be used in place of Lactation Consultations.


Package: Surviving the First Year and Beyond

Hours are valid for one year after purchase, payment is due at time of booking.

 Your Home              Our Office or Skype              
5 hours           $225 $180
10 hours $425 $340


As Required

 Your Home                                             Our Office or Skype                                                   
$50 (per hour) $40 (per hour)


Telephone, Text, and Email

These methods of contact occasionally work well when a set treatment plan is appropriate otherwise we will recommend a consultation within the first five minutes. If you are not sure whether you need to see someone call us and have a chat, we can help you decide. 503 567 2449.

Telephone calls:$35 per hour (first five minutes is free)

Email: $35 for two responses

Text: $35 for five long responses (great than ten words) or ten short responses (one to ten words)


Thank you for considering Small Beginnings Group and me for support on your very special journey, it is a great honor to be able to have the opportunity to work with you.



What Our Clients Say

Joanne supported me in learning how to breastfeed during the first few days and weeks after a long labor. 
She determined through a very thorough initial assessment that our son had a tongue tie, which we were then able to remedy right away. She made me laugh and helped me remember to take care of myself, which created more ease postpartum.

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