Effective Communication

Effective Communication

Have you ever been in situation where you wanted to say no and couldn’t?

Has something/someone annoyed you and you are too worried about confronting the situation because of what you might say or do?

Have you ever let little things get to you for a while, and then blow your top when it happens for the 50th time?

Have you ever been to shy to speak up in meeting due to fear you might be laughed at, not listened to or are just too embarrassed?

If you would like to act differently and approach challenging situations with more confidence then Effective Communication Skills is for you!

This training will help you examine your behavior in different situations, explore what might be holding you back from behaving differently and gives you skills and strategies to be the person you want to be in all situations, without giving up your rights or infringing other peoples.

Joanne successfully completed extensive training, with Lynne Howie (Designer and copyright holder of the current course) to enable her to facilitate this course and provide coaching to others at an exceptional standard


Effective Communication Skills

Time 6 Full Days over eight weeks

Special offer $300 per person

Maximum class size 10


Please see our calendar for up coming dates and please call us on 503 567 2449 for more information and to book your place.

We can offer this course to existing groups or in work places.

What Our Clients Say

Joanne supported me in learning how to breastfeed during the first few days and weeks after a long labor. 
She determined through a very thorough initial assessment that our son had a tongue tie, which we were then able to remedy right away. She made me laugh and helped me remember to take care of myself, which created more ease postpartum.

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