First Foods

First Foods

Come and find out everything you need to know about giving your baby their first solid foods. You are welcome to bring your baby to this class and it doesn’t matter if you have already started solids or are breast/bottle feeding.

Content includes


  • When, where, how and why
  • Allergies and foods to avoid
  • Purees and Baby Led


Suggested attendance when baby is 4-6months old.



Private Classes

Are available for groups or individuals, either in your home or at our office please call for details and to book.



What Our Clients Say

'Joanne's Infant Massage Class was an incredibly rewarding experience for me and my son, and even better, it led us to Joanne! She has given me valuable advice on breast feeding, my son's weight gain, and introducing solid foods. Joanne really understands the kind of support that moms need; she is non-judgmental and completely supportive. I'm really not sure who I would've talked to about all of these questions if I hadn't met Joanne, and I'm so grateful that I took her class!'

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