Hooray for Boobies Breastfeeding Class

Hooray for Boobies a breastfeeding class with a smile

Give your breastfeeding journey a great start with this fun, informative and interactive class. We suggest you attend early in your third trimester.

Content includes:

  • Health benefits of breastfeeding for mothers and babies
  • How breastfeeding works and making enough milk for your baby
  • Skin-to-skin contact and why it is magic
  • Positioning and attachment
  • How to get a great latch every time
  • Signs that your baby is getting enough milk
  • What to expect from your breastfeeding baby in the first six weeks
  • How to avoid and deal with problems
  • Expressing breast milk
  • How to combine returning to work with breastfeeding
  • Where to get support


Hooray for Boobies – a private breastfeeding class with a smile

This 3 hour private in home class, can be held at a time to suit you and your family.

Cost is  $100 per couple, partners and close family or friends who will be supporting you are encouraged to attend. To book please call 503 567 2449, payment is due at time of booking.

Facilitated by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC)



What Our Clients Say

'Joanne's Infant Massage Class was an incredibly rewarding experience for me and my son, and even better, it led us to Joanne! She has given me valuable advice on breast feeding, my son's weight gain, and introducing solid foods. Joanne really understands the kind of support that moms need; she is non-judgmental and completely supportive. I'm really not sure who I would've talked to about all of these questions if I hadn't met Joanne, and I'm so grateful that I took her class!'

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